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Do you have questions about DNA testing for family reunification or naturalization? We will be happy to help you find the answer: ☎ 06131-720620

Family reunification:

For DNA tests in the context of family reunification or visa matters, our laboratory can look back on more than 10 years of experience. A close cooperation exists here between numerous embassies as well as the German Foreign Office, especially with regard to the shipment and transmission of sample and specimen collection kits. Simply enter your data in the form below and we will send you everything you need free of charge and without obligation.

Our DNA laboratory requires the following information:

  • File number of the case at the responsible German embassy (or reference number of the IOM)
  • Which embassy it is about?
  • Name, (address), tel. of the persons abroad
  • Name and address of the persons in Germany
  • Client


Sometimes a DNA test is required in the naturalization procedure (to acquire German citizenship). For example, close family members whose identity has been clarified beyond doubt should affirm the identity of the person concerned in lieu of an oath. Frequently, foreigners authorities, regional councils, ADD or BAMF demand such proof. In these cases, we offer a kinship test – you can find more information here.

Order free DNA test kit for family reunion

Request our test set now free of charge and without obligation. After sending the test, the bank transfer is simple and convenient via PayPal or direct debit.

Versand an:

Unser DNA-Labor benötigt folgende Angaben:
• Aktenzeichen des Falles bei der Botschaft
• um welche Botschaft es sich handelt, d.h. Sachbearbeiter wenn möglich
• Wenn möglich Name, Adresse, Tel. der Personen im Ausland
• Name und Anschrift der Personen in Deutschland
• Auftraggeber

Special cases

(As of July 2022, please ask for current information)


For the Embassy Nairobi, the IOM organizes the DNA tests since mid-2019. Cotton swabs and forms are sent by DHL express from the laboratory directly to the IOM. For this purpose our laboratory needs the reference numbers, names and passport numbers of the test persons.

Addis Ababa

If the IOM is processing the case, cotton swabs and forms must be sent directly to the IOM/MHAC via DHL Express. There is an extra cost for this.

If the embassy is processing the case, the cotton swabs and forms can be sent to the embassy free of charge via the German Foreign Office. Alternatively, a faster shipment via DHL-Express directly to the embassy is possible, for which extra costs apply.


Please tell us whether the test person lives in a camp or directly in Athens and by whom the test person is supervised. Subsequently, the shipping route for cotton swabs and forms as well as the costs incurred for this can be clarified.


Until 2021, samples were taken by the German Medical Center in Kabul. Since 2022 samples are taken at the Embassy Islamabad / Pakistan or at the Embassy’s medical officer. If the embassy in Pakistan/Islamabad is in charge of the fcase, please ask the embassy, please let us know. A shipment with DHL-Express is possible, for this additional costs arise in advance. Since summer 2022 sometimes the German Embassy in Tehran handles cases from Afghanistan. In this case, please ask where the sampling should take place.


Please let us know which consulate/embassy is handling the case, we need the case number.


Samples can be taken directly in Erbil.


We will gladly organize the collection in the USA for you. We need the name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the test person(s). Additional costs for the organization 200 €.


Please let us know if the Embassy or Consulate General is responsible for the case.

Togo, Senegal, Egypt, Ghana, Cameroon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda

As a rule, cotton swabs and forms are shipped free of charge to the embassy via the German Foreign Office. Alternatively, a faster shipment via DHL-Express directly to the embassy is possible, for which extra costs are incurred.

For cases that are supervised by the BAMF, the sample collection can take place at the BAMF in Istanbul. Please ask there.


1. You order the collection set by phone or internet; you can also make an appointment for collection directly in the laboratory. For this, we would ask you to contact us.

2. You perform the collection of the samples together with a neutral witness. The following can be considered as witnesses: all doctors, midwives, pharmacists, youth welfare office, family support, experts, the laboratory etc. Simply ask the laboratory who can be considered as a witness, we will be happy to help you.

3. For the collection, please bring your ID and, in the case of children, the birth certificate or its copy. This data will be entered e.g. by the doctor on the form for proof of identity and copies of the ID and birth certificate (in the case of the child) will be enclosed.

4. The consent form is signed by all adult subjects; in the case of minor children, the signature of all legal guardians is required.

5. The samples are taken in the form of an oral mucosal swab, the swabs for which are included in the test set. The test set contains sachets with 2 DNA-free cotton swabs each.

6. The return is made by the testifying person, e.g. by the doctor, the pharmacy or a public authority.


For the people abroad:

Galantos Genetics will send a sample collection kit with all necessary forms and cotton swabs via the German Foreign Office to the German Embassy free of charge. Payment is only made when the samples are returned by the embassy.

Documentation of the person in Germany:

The second part of the test set is sent to the test person(s) in Germany. This person goes to the doctor or comes to our laboratory and has the collection of the samples documented there. The documentation is made by means of a photograph, fingerprint and a copy of the ID card.

After sample receipt, the laboratory starts the analysis:

The result is delivered to the addresses specified by the client in the order form. The result can be sent by mail as well as by fax or e-mail also to the authority or embassy.

Frequently asked questions regarding the family reunification test

Do you also perform DNA tests as part of family reunification procedures?

Yes, our laboratory has many years of experience in performing DNA tests for family reunification. We cooperate with the agencies involved (embassies, consulates, IOM) for the organization of sample collection abroad.
You can find a summary of the most important information in the form of a checklist on our homepage or we will be happy to send it to you.Eine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Informationen finden Sie in Form einer Checkliste auf unserer Homepage oder wir senden sie Ihnen gerne zu.

How does the family reunion by DNA test work?

We send a test set with cotton swabs to the respective embassy and a second set to the person(s) in Germany. When sending the kit to the IOM in countries such as Kenya or
Ethiopia, the test kit sometimes has to be transported by courier.

What does the lab need from the embassy or the IOM?

·         We need to know who is handling the case, i.e. embassy, IOM or consulateand in which country ?
·         File number of the case at embassy/IOM/consulate
·         Name, address, phone of the persons abroad
·         Name and address of the persons in Germany
·         Client

How are the cotton swabs sent to the embassy?

As a rule, the shipment is made via the German Foreign Office. In exceptional cases, the shipment can also be made directly to the embassy via e.g. DHL-Express. This is then associated with additional costs.

Are all costs included in the price?

Costs related to the documentation at the doctor or authority in Germany are borne by the client. Costs for sample collection abroad only by the witness (doctor/embassy/authority) to Galantos Genetics. Return and customs costs are not included in the price.

Mother and child live in another city, can we still do a paternity test?

YES, just give us 2 addresses and we will ship it to the father as well as the mother and child’s address.

What do I do if people for the paternity test live abroad?

Just give us 2 addresses and we will send the test kit to the address abroad. The person(s) living there will go to the doctor there, who will then send the samples to our laboratory. The samples will not break on the way to Germany.

Do you have any further questions?

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