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List of services

The Galantos DNA laboratory carries out DNA tests for a wide variety of purposes. These can be tests to determine paternity for submission to the youth welfare office, immigration office or court, but also parentage tests as part of residence or naturalization procedures. It is also possible to analyze other family relationships such as siblings or grandparents.


Simple test to prove paternity involving father and child(ren) or father, child(ren) and mother. The report is sent by e-mail. Get certainty. You can order the test privately, but you can also extend it at a later date for submission to the authorities.


By sending a written report including the forms for proof of identity, the result can be presented to authorities such as the youth welfare office and immigration office as well as in court. Our experts and our laboratory are recognized, certified and approved.


Do you need a DNA test as proof of kinship for a visa or family reunification? If you have submitted an application, we will organize the collection of the samples and the sending of the cotton swabs and forms to an embassy, consulate or the IOM for family reunification from abroad. You can also have DNA tests carried out by us as part of the naturalization process or for residence or toleration procedures for the BAMF or immigration authorities.


In addition to paternity, other family relationships such as half or full siblings, uncle and niece, grandfather and grandson can also be analyzed. We work with you to draw up the family tree and clarify which people we need DNA samples from in order to clarify the relationship in question. Please call us on 06131-720620 to discuss your individual case. The test is also suitable as proof of kinship in the context of naturalization procedures.


Simple test to prove maternity. Get certainty. You can order the tests privately, but you can also extend them at a later date for submission to the authorities. Technically, this test corresponds to the paternity test, just ask us in the laboratory.


We create the genetic profiles of both individuals and compare them. For this purpose, we require precise details of the possible Family tree. Just ask us in the laboratory.


Simple test to determine whether two people are identical or fraternal twins. We create the genetic profiles of both individuals and compare them. Just ask us in the laboratory.


If, for example, normal saliva samples are not possible in cases of death, other sample materials, e.g. hair, can also be genetically tested. These tests are more complex than saliva tests, but almost any intact DNA trace can be used for an analysis to establish identity or a paternity test. Special samples are only possible in exceptional cases, please ask the laboratory.

More offers from Galantos Genetics

In addition to parentage assessments, Galantos Genetics offers further analyses, for example in the field of forensics or the analysis of mixed breeds of dogs.


Our laboratory carries out special analyses on behalf of private individuals, crime laboratories and forensic laboratories. Galantos Genetics is the exclusive distributor in Europe and the Middle East of forensic products such as RSID(Rapid Stain Identification) or the SPERM HY-LITERTM for staining sperm for fluorescence microscopy. Galantos is also a silver partner of Carl-Zeiss Mikroscopy and distributes Zeiss microscopes.


Would you like to know which breeds are included in your dog? The Galantos laboratory has the possibility to test the breed of your dog based on a database of over 350 breeds. The most probable pedigree is created and the breeds found are listed as a percentage. This can be interesting for owners of so-called list dogs, among others.


Trace testing, dactyloscopy and handwriting comparison are part of the wide range of forensic services. We compare fingerprints or find out, for example, whether a trace is of human origin and which body fluid it may be.


Genealogy and origin analysis is not only interesting for genealogists. Genetic data can now be used to find genetically “related” people around the globe or assign them to a geographical area. It is also possible to determine whether you are related to the Cro-Magnon early humans.


A beautiful memento for a birth or christening. Whether it’s a necklace, pendant, wedding ring or other piece of jewelry, it will always be unique and personal. We transform your DNA into a personalized gift.