Family reunification/ Immigration

Deutsche Version:paternity test

privater Vaterschaftstest

We support in cases of family reunion

privater Vaterschaftstest

Please provide us with your address

privater Vaterschaftstest

Please provide us with the file number you received from the Embassy

privater Vaterschaftstest

Please provide us with the names of the persons abroad

Example of costs: 2 persons, one of them in Accra / Ghana, analysis 234 €, logistics costs per test incl. taking of samples and documentation in the laboratory 124 €; the costs depend on the number of persons and the country of origin. Ask for an individual offer!  

In the case of family reunification or visa issues, our lab can look back on more than 10 years of experience. There is a close cooperation between numerous embassies and the Federal Foreign Office, especially with regard to the dispatch and transmission of sample kits. Please enter your name and address in the form below and we will send you all necessary information, free of charge and without obligation. formular Kenia IOM Faliennachzug Checklist for Family Reunion formular Kenia IOM Faliennachzug Information for Family Reunion from Nairobi/Kenia- IOM-cases

privater Vaterschaftstest
  • For the persons abroad: Galantos Genetics sends a sample collection set with all necessary forms and cotton swabs via the Foreign Office to the German Embassy free of charge. Payment will be made when samples are returned by the embassy.
  • The second part of the test set will be sent to the test person in Germany. This person has to go to a doctor or comes to our laboratory. The doctor will do the documentation of the identity of the test person and will take the samples.
  • After receiving all samples, the Galantos lab in Germany begins the analysis. The delivery of the result is made to the addresses specified by the client. The result can also be sent by post, fax or e-mail to the authority or embassy.

Our lab needs the following information:
• Reference number of the case from the Embassy or IOM
• Country
• Names and address of the test persons
• contact phone number of the test persons
• contact data of the person/s in Germany