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About Galantos Genetics

About us

Galantos Genetics is a specialty laboratory run by academics that offers genetic testing as a service as well as developing new genetic and forensic tests. The genetic tests are carried out at the Mainz site; there is close cooperation with the American company Independent Forensics in the development of new tests.

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Our qualifications

All tests performed at Galantos Genetics are carried out in accordance with the strictest standard operating procedures (SOPs). The company meets all the usual German and European quality standards. The Galantos Genetics laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. Our project manager Dr. Karl Reich is accredited according to the American standards of the NFSTC and the FBI.

Successful participation in the GEDNAP round robin tests. Successful participation in the round robin tests.

Laboratory management

The laboratory is managed by Dr. Ulrike Schacker and Martin Schatzl.

Dr. Schacker is head of the laboratory and has been a recognized parentage expert for many years. Mr. Martin Schatzl mainly deals with the administrative business of the laboratory.


Professor Dr. Maelicke has spent his professional career as a professor of biochemistry at two American universities, a Max Planck Institute and two German universities. Over the past 20 years, he has also increasingly carried out industrial R&D projects, in particular with the companies Bayer and Janssen-Cilag. From January 2000 to September 2003, he was a member of the Management Board of Biofrontera Pharmaceuticals in Leverkusen as CSO (Chief Scientific Officer), where he developed, among other things, an active substance in the field of allergies up to phase IIa.

Dr. Karl Reich was trained as a molecular biologist at Cornell, UCLA and Harvard Universities and spent several years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and at Stanford University in California. He was laboratory manager in GLP protein synthesis and quality control at the American company Abbott for 6 years before founding Independent Forensics in Lombard, Illinois in 2002. He is currently CSO of Independent Forensics.

Professor Dr. Maelicke