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VATERSCHAFT TEST for use in court


Do you have questions about the paternity test? We will be happy to help you with the answer: ☎ 06131-720620

Do you need a paternity test for the Youth Welfare Office or the Immigration Office?

The DNA test is to be used for possible inheritance matters?

Our laboratory has been working for numerous family courts and authorities for almost 20 years. All of the DNA tests we offer can be used in court or by the authorities. There is no difference between the laboratory test and a court-ordered expert opinion.

We can also send the collection kit directly to the youth welfare office / authority / lawyer. If the test persons do not live in the same place or do not go to the sample collection together, we are also happy to send the documents to separate addresses.

Order a free test kit for proof of paternity that can be used in court

Request our test set now, free of charge and without obligation. Payment is made simply and conveniently by bank transfer or Paypal once the samples have been returned.

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Please select whether you require the paternity test for personal purposes or as a legally usable version (report for father + mother + child with full documentation via e-mail and post). We recommend always testing the mother to ensure the accuracy of the test result. Find out more in our FAQ.
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1. you order the collection kit by telephone or online; you can also make an appointment for collection directly in the laboratory. We would therefore ask you to get in touch with us.

2. take the SEALED blue envelope (collection kit) to a neutral witness (e.g. a doctor) who will take the sample. The test kit comes with a card indicating who is a potential witness. We would also be happy to advise you on this. For a DNA report for official purposes, we recommend having the sample taken by a doctor or by our laboratory.

3 . please bring your ID and, in the case of underage children, the birth certificate or a copy of it with you to the collection. This data is entered by the witness on the form for proof of identity and copies of ID and, if applicable, the birth certificate are attached.

4 . the declaration of consent is signed by all adult test subjects; in the case of underage children, the signature of all legal guardians is required.

5. the samples are taken in the form of an oral swab. The collection kit contains sachets with 2 DNA-free cotton swabs each.

6. the return to our laboratory is made BY THE DECISION-MAKING PERSON, e.g. by the doctor, the pharmacy or an authority.

Frequently asked questions about paternity testing for authorities and courts

Can I also submit the test result to a court or authority?

Yes, the expert opinion can also be submitted to the authorities by means of identity verification when the sample is taken. Please note, however, that the simple version of the expert opinion may not be recognized if the mother was not included in the analysis.

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